Concernant la demande s'il les americains etaient venus a Château pendant la premiere guerre mondiale. la reponse est oui vers 1918
et mieux j'ai retrouvé une lettre sur un site americain d'une certaine Caisson Marcelle qui habitait avenue de la gare.
en voici une copie et le lien internet.
The Little Girl’s Letter.
Chateau du Loir, Oct. 8th.
My dear Marie Louise,
You will be very surprised in receiving this letter. I am a French girl. I live at Chateau du Loir, a little town of about five thousand inhabitants, in the west part of France. I met your brother Elmer at Chateau Du Loir in a house where I was. I spoke with him a long time. He said to me that he had brothers and sisters and that one of his sisters was sixteen years old. I asked him your name and your address to write to you. But I don’t write American well because I have learned it only two years at school. I shall learnt American language during three years. Now I shall speak a little more of myself, because I think you are curious to know how is your French correspondent. I am fifteen years old. I have a fair hair and grey eyes. I should like to have your photo; so if you have it taken, I shall be very happy to receive it. If you want, I shall send you mine in my next letter. In France, we love very much American soldiers because they risk their lives to fight aga!
inst the naughty “boches” as we call the Germans in France.
At Chateau du Loir (Castle of Loir, in American), there are nearly seven hundred American soldiers. They made wood buildings.
Usually school begins on the first of October, but this year there is an epidemic in the country called Spanish influenza and the school is shut.
In your next letter, please send me the correction of my mistakes that are probably numerous.
Hoping to hear from you soon. I must close my letter now, with much love from,
My address is: Mademoiselle Marcelle Caisson, 44 avenue de la Gare, Chateau-du-Loir, (Sarthe), France.

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